Enjoy our old fashioned concession stand with all of your movie time favorites and new menu items, as well – Pretzels, Mozzarella Sticks, Ice Cream – and *help the Drive-In stay open!  Click to see our Instagram page!

popcorn, clamcakes, cheeseburgers, french fries, cheeseburgers and nachos

*OUTSIDE FOOD POLICY:  Help us stay running! Opt for a meal or snack at the Concession Stand instead of outside businesses! Like all theaters, the Leicester Drive-In strongly depends on concession support to stay open. We realize that the value of that revenue may seem like a profit grab. Not so. But we get that the needs for revenue may not be obvious. The reality is that the box office pays extremely steep prices to movie companies to show their films. Equipment upgrades, electricity, personnel, maintenance, taxes, groundskeeping, inventory and other expenses are some of the overhead costs that concession sales, therefore, are crucially needed to cover. Asking patrons not to bring in outside food is something nearly all theaters use to do so.  In fact, we checked and we’re the only one around who didn’t have an Outside Food Policy. (In fact, some theaters actually charge a fee or ask patrons to leave if they come with outside food… Whaaaat? Yes.) We love this place and know you do, too. Let’s keep it around for you, your families, your friends and your community for years to come. Other than for medical or dietary needs, we ask that you please not bring in outside food or drinks.  Thank you.