Massachusetts Drive Ins

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Massachusetts was an early leader among drive-in states. It has the distinction of having hosted one of the first 5 drive-in theatres in America (the Weymouth Drive-in, which opened in May of ’36), and also, four of America’s first 15 drive-in cinemas were located in Massachusetts! Within ten years of it’s first drive-in opening, there were twenty located in Massachusetts, and during the peak drive-in years of the late 50’s, the state had nearly 90 outdoor theatres in operation. Since that time, their number has declined very steeply, with 94% of them going dark; and presently, there are only five remaining which we can enjoy and preserve (or, six, if you count a NH Dr’in that overlaps).

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  1. Dave
    9:10 am on October 14th, 2013

    I really wish we had drive ins in the UK 🙁

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